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If Financial Planners Won’t Become Flea Trainers, They’ll End Up Like a PSNIOR Who Obeys the Eunuch


A PSNIOR is a Planner who is Susceptible to the Negative Influence of Regulators.

A PSNIOR listens to negative thoughts who give them excuses for failure instead of methods of success.


PSNIOR傾聽負面的思考, 以便讓他們有失敗的藉口, 而不去找成功的方法

你把跳蚤放在一個有蓋子的罐子裡, 跳蚤剛開始還會很用力的跳, 但是當他們每次跳都碰到蓋子的時候, 他們已經習慣了, 知道說跳到那種高度就是會撞上蓋子, 最後當你把蓋子拿開後, 它們也不會跳出罐子, 因為他們已經認為它們永遠跳不出去了

Now think of the role of politicians (the King) and the rule-makers (the King’s counselor) in the financial services industry. There is fear everywhere. Fear that advisors not obey to their rules (treason), fear to being sued (being slaughtered) or fear to lose control (conquer of the realm). Politicians have to make important decisions to avoid those dangers. So they trust on the specialist in avoiding dangers: the rule-makers.

想想看政客跟政策決策者在金融產業的角色, 他們害怕財務顧問不遵守法規, 害怕被告及沒辦法掌握, 政客必須做出重大決策, 以避免此種狀況發生, 因此他們信任所謂的專家, 也就是政策決策者

A flea trainer is a person who jumps out of the jar.
Flea trainers are not influenced by the PSNIORS of life. They clearly understand that you can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.
Flea trainers don’t tell people when do get off……they show them how to get on. In short, it’s a philosophy of life that makes a difference in those who adopt it.
Flea trainers have the right mental attitude and understand the power of emotions.



跳蚤訓練員的人生不會被PSNIORS影響, 他們清楚知道人生中你想要的都可以得到, 只要你可以協助他人得到他們想要的

跳蚤訓練員不會告訴別人如何放棄, 他就是讓你看到如何堅持下去, 簡單的說這就是一種人生哲理, 讓他們顯得與眾不同

跳蚤訓練員有正確的心態, 他們也知道心智的力量何在

A study by Harvard University revealed that 85% of the reasons for success, accomplishments, promotions, etc. were because of our attitudes and emotional intelligence. And only 15% of our technical expertise.

哈佛大學的一項研究指出, 一些成就/成功/升遷等等, 85%的原因來自於我們的態度及心智, 只有15%原因是因為技術上的專業

Why are financial planners meant to be successful?

Here are some facts:

– financial planners are – by far – the most educated advisors in the financial services industry

– financial planners have – by far – the toughest permanent education requirements

– financial planners almost always have a natural born drive to help people

– financial planners aren’t in the game to sell products, they sell happiness, meaning and peace of mind

– financial planners have the tools to help people






–財務顧問不是在玩銷售商品的遊戲, 他們在銷售幸福, 有意義與心靈的平靜



Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right ~ Henry Ford 

To motivate each other, I believe it would be highly inspiring to answer the following question:

What do you do to jump out of the jar?

亨利福特說: 不管你認為自己可以或是不可以, 你都是對的

如果要鼓勵自己, 我相信這是很有啟發性的, 就是回答這個問題–



發文作者 Taylor Liao, CFP

Independent Financial Adviser, CFP of China and Taiwan 獨立財務顧問, EAP(Employee Assistance Programs)員工協助方案企劃與執行


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